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Southeast Louisiana Air Conditioning consumers find the Energy Star label on many products they purchase, but what does it mean? Energy Star itself is a joint venture between the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. It is an effort that promotes the purchase and use of more energy efficient products. When shopping, a consumer can look for the Energy Star label and assume products displaying this symbol passed a rigorous set of standards established for that industry and is a “best of breed” choice.

Energy Star has placed a large focus of its effort in the home and home improvement arena. Since home heating and cooling consumes about half of the total energy used, making good decisions about the systems you install can make a huge difference in saving resources. A typical homeowner spends over $1000 per year heating and cooling their home and an Energy Star unit with a SEER of at least 14 will have about a 14% better performance than a system not rated by Energy Star.


Besides rating the actual units that make up your indoor air system, Energy Star promotes the effective installation of a new system to insure the improved performance of a system. An installation not measuring up to the industry best practices of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and Energy Star will reduce the performance of the system by up to 30%. If you would like to see a list from Energy Star of all the items you need to confirm your HVAC contractor will carry out, click here.


Wood's A/C & Heating has been carrying Energy Star products in New Orleans Metro area since the inception of the rating group. More importantly, we have over twenty years of experience in making sure the installation is done perfectly so you will realize all the benefits associated with you new system.


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